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Meet the team!

We run this start-up with six young professionals. Learn more about who we are and where each of our specific affinities lie.

Nick Gelevert

Nick is the young mastermind behind the Boatsters concept. As a lifelong member of the nautical industry, Nick has the knowledge and contacts that are critical to the realization of the Boatsters vision. Nick’s deep-rooted passion for entrepreneurship made him a multifaceted and goal-oriented businessman. Nick is responsible for the Boatsters commercial strategy, sales and nautical accounts.

Wouter Moll

Wouter has an adventurous and clear entrepreneurial mind-set. He graduated as a Master of Science within the field of Business Studies & Entrepreneurship. Wouter successfully launched the sustainable and social enterprise WakaWaka and is a former winner of the Accenture Innovation Awards. Wouter has a clear focus on sales and New Business Development, he loves to transform creative ideas into scalable and profitable business propositions.

Alisha van Geest
Business Development 

Alisha is an enterprising student. At this moment she is in the final phase of her study Economics and Consumer Psychology at Leiden University. From this study she got knowhow about stimulating sales- and marketing processes in a psychological manner, both on- and offline. At Boatsters Alisha is responsible for multiple marketing and PR related tasks.

Tommy van den Bergh
System developer

Tommy a motivated and thoughtful student. Currently he is in the final phase of his study Economics and Consumer Psychology at Leiden University and participating in the premaster Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He is experienced both in marketing and ICT system development processes. At Boatsters Tommy is responsible for the optimization of the website and costumer experience.   


David Ramljak
Business Development

David Ramljak is in the last phase of his study Small Business and Retail Management at Windesheim, Zwolle. Because of his study, he has become versatile in the field of entrepreneurship. He found his talent in online marketing which he really wants to use at Boatsters. 

Danielle Amea McLean
Foreign Sales Director

Danielle McLean is an active and vibrant relationship builder with a diploma in Marketing Management and Professional Real Estate from Vancouver, Canada. Having travelled the world for several years working for a major Middle Eastern Airline Danielle has seen a lot of the world. Growing up in British Columbia offered her an abundance of beautiful ocean and nature which lended to a strong passion for boats and boating. As a Foreign Sales Director she helps spread the impact of Boatsters and the sharing economy across the Middle East and internationally.