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Party on a boat! - Worldwide offers

Want to organise a party on a boat? There are a lot of locations where it's possible to rent a boat exclusively for parties. You can rent a party boat from sloops to big yachts. Whether you're organising a wedding or a birthday party, we will make it happen for you! 

The most popular locations to have a party on a boat are:
- Amsterdam
- Mallorca
- Ibiza

Amsterdam offers canal party boats, whereas Mallorca and Ibiza are more of the yacht party rentals. Watch for events like Kingsday and Gay pride where party boats are extremely popular to rent. 

On Kingsday and Gaypride the canals of Amsterdam are filled with party boats cruising around the centre of the city. You can get access to a party boat with music and drinks on board. You have to be early to catch a boat available for these events, because party boats are very popular at these events. 

If you can't find one, be sure to contact our team and we will get you partying on a boat very soon!  

Ibiza and Mallorca have a very active party scene on the water. Party on a boat on one of these islands and you'll never forget it! In Ibiza party boats have become a very important pillar in the clubbing scene. Sailing along the coastline while listening to the hottest tunes from the best DJ's and beautiful people around you, are reasons to have a party on a boat in the Belearics! 

There are many boat party events in Ibiza and Mallorca, when renting a yacht or catamaran you are sure to have enough space for you and a whole group of friends to enjoy yourselves on the water. Be sure to rent a yacht to party on with a skipper to make sure everyone can have fun with a couple of drinks. It would be a shame you would have to miss out on a party on a boat with all your friends!
Prices differ per party boat, but things like catering and crew can always be arranged and included in the price. Do you want something special for your party? Contact our team to make it happen for you! 
Party on a boat during Kingsday Party on a boat in Ibiza