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Boatsters newsletter

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With our monthly newsletter we like to keep our community updated about everything new in, on, or around the water.

June's Newsletter

Hello Captain! 
We are back with June's message in a bottle. Last month the weather was a little bit precarious but the more we look forward to beautiful weather and sailing fun off course! Over the last period we welcomed thousands of boats on our site and we are represented on every single continent. We are summer proof so let the sun shine!

The last month a lot of beautiful boats has been added to the website. Of these boats we choose two we'd like to introduce to you.

This 24 metre long sailing yacht is with its luxury appearance one of a kind. The MOJO is located in the harbour of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in France and we can proudly say that you can rent this yacht exclusively on Boatsters.com. Check out this boat on the boat page of this yacht and discover the possibilities!

The Captains Sloop
This stunning Mithe is an eye catcher. Because of its unique appearance, this boat is very distinctive and is one you want to be seen on! For only 50 euros, you can float through the pretty canals of Amsterdam and even the captain is included! Check out the boat now on its boat page

Sailing with Boatsters now possible in... Portugal!
Boatsters is active in 18 different countries. The last month we've added, besides new boats, also new locations to the website where you can rent boats. Portugal is one of those countries. This country has a very long coast line and is perfect for a sailing trip. Are you planning a holiday in Portugal, check out or offers here!  

In de media...
The fact that Boatsters launched its new platform and is growing fastly, has not gone unnoticed by the press. Earlier this month a nice article was published in the Emerce wherein founder Nick Gelevert tells about the driving forces behind Boatsters. Are you curious about the article? Read it here. 

Cooperation Delta Lloyd
Besides the Emerce article there was a lot of media activity around the fact that we could welcome Delta Lloyd on board. For example famous Dutch newspaper 'de Telegraaf' published an article about the cooperation. From now on you are able to insure your boat in a fast and easy manner and you are insured with good coverage. With this Insurance you can carefree rent your boat. Who doesn't want that? Ask now for an obligational and free proposal and discover the advantages.

Professional Boat Care Connect
Renting your boat but still want to know where your boat will be? We understand this completely! To keep our community optimally happy, we'd like to keep them up to date. Professional Boat Care Connect is a company which builds in 'track&trace' systems in the boat which makes that you can follow your boat 24 hours a day. Want to know more? Please contact our team.

Everyday news, featured boats, new locations and more.. 
Want to stay updated? Keep an eye on our Facebook and website!

We wish you a great weekend and much fun on and around the water!

With nautical greeting,
Team Boatsters

May's Newsletter

Hello Captain! 
We have had amazing weather last week! All the canals, the lakes and the waters were all used optimally to sail. We also notices this at the Boatsters office. Therefore, we want to remind you to fill out all your boat information. Be sure that all the information is complete and start to rent and lend! In addition, tell all your boating-friends that you put your bot online and the boat will be rented before you realize!
Accenture Innovation Awards 2016
Furthermore, we want to ask you a favor. Boatsters is competing in the Accenture Innovation Awards and is selected for 3 categories. Besides that, we also have a chance to win the 'audience award'. We are very happy and proud with our participation but we really need your help to win an award. So, we ask you to vote for us to help us defeat all the competitors in the big ocean! At the moment we are the runner up on the list and only you can help us to win the first place. 

When you click on the link here, you are able to vote for us 3 times through three different social media channels.
Thank you very much in advance. 

New website live; Blogs and more...
The main goal for Boatsters is to provide its community with an amazing time in, at or around the water. With the new website, we don't only want to assist you with renting boats but we also want to keep you updates about all the news around the world of water. With weekly blogs we will sail with you to the most beautiful places on the water and we will surf across the globe to discover all the news and inspiring boat designs or events. 

We are always open to the opinions and ideas of our community. If you have nice ideas for blog topics, send an email to Alisha@boatsters.com 

The upcoming weekend we will have a long weekend off. Also in this Pinksterweekend we have a lot of boats to rent both inside and outside the country. A lot of new and beautiful boats have been added to the website, so go here to the website to have a look. 

We wish you a great weekend and much fun on and around the water!

With nautical greeting,
Team Boatsters