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Luxury yacht charter Mallorca
Renting a luxury yacht in Mallorca will offer you the freedom to explore the entire island at your own pace and in full comfort. We have amazing luxury yachts and boats that are ready to be rented by you! Don't wait any longer and book your luxury yachting experience right now through our online platform directly from a boat owner.
Charter a luxury yacht in Mallorca and discover the island in an unique way
Boat along the 550 kilometers long coastline and discover all the unique parts of Mallorca. The south of Mallorca is famous for its parties, whereas in the north you can enjoy peacefully with the best restaurants and beautiful views. A luxury yacht charter makes it possible to visit both sides of the island to get a full experience of Mallorca. 

Water sports off the coast of Port Andratx
Port Andratx is enclosed by natural rocks, which provides breath-taking views. The silent waters created by the surrounding cliffs, makes that the location is the ideal place to water sport like wake-boarding and surfing. With luxury yacht charter you can have all the toys necessary to enjoy these waters to the fullest!

Upon discovering Mallorca by boat should Cuevas del Dracht not be skipped. This cave was used as hiding place when the island was attacked in the past. Once on shore and ready for a bike tour on the mainland, climbing the famous Serra de Tramunana is an absolute must-do, which should be on your to-do list.  

What to do in Mallorca
Check the north beaches of Mallorca on a luxury yacht charter. Take the yacht to the beaches in the north that are less crowded. Tranquillity and an honest feeling of the Spanish culture are an experience that you will find here. 

Visit the cathedral La Sue. 
An absolute must on the island! We normally want to stay aboard our yacht, but this is a real eyecatcher! Definitely wortwhile.

Sail towards Cap de Formentor.
With a quite impressive view of a 384m height of mountains which are directly viewable at sea from your luxury yacht.

Sail by as many harbours as possible with your luxury yacht! 
The charm of Mallorca is because of its variety of attractions and atmosphere’s at harbours. Therefore much to discover!

Explore the underwater world through our luxury yacht charter
Mallorca has clear waters which offer impeccable underwater experiences. A luxury yacht charter makes sure you enjoy it when sailing along the island.

The luxury yachts to charter in Mallorca
Every week new magnificent boats are among the featured boats to rent in the Boatsters community. Don’t hesitate to have a look at these rental boats and contact the team. Make sure you keep following Boatsters to find the boat of your dreams! To stay informed of all the updates, subscribe yourself here for the Boatsters newsletter.