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Rent a boat in Ibiza!

Rent a boat and get lost in the nightlife of Ibiza
The island of Ibiza is originally a Hippie island; where everything is accepted and nothing is impossible. This gives the island a unique and unforgettable vibe which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Ibiza itself has a long and rich history which provides a great number of sightseeing opportunities. The 700-year old cathedral is a jewel, which projects above the city of Ibiza and which you can admire when you sail along the island. The party boat rentals are booming in Ibiza because of the young and restless people on the island. When you rent a boat for a party make sure you hire one of our featured party boats!

To Na Xamena with a rental boat
Na Xamena is unique because this bay is only reachable by boat. This is the place to be for the ultimate sun-lovers among us. The beach, located between two huge rocks is one without any shadow, so sun cream is not a luxury on this island! Cala del Jonc is another isolated pebbled beach, which is also only reachable by boat. Are you looking for a quiet place to recharge from the buzzing vibe on Ibiza, then visiting one of these beaches is a must. 

Boat along the island Es Vedra, an uninhabited and protected nature area with a variety of animal species and surrounded by myths about the island. We don’t know whether the myths are true but what we do know is that Es Vedra is the ultimate place to spot animals and an amazing place to dive. After a day on the boat, enjoy Las Salines Salt-felts. The name says it all, the salt-felts of Ibiza are located here and you will find one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen in your life. 

Featured boats to rent in Ibiza 
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What to do in Ibiza
Visit Ibiza city. In the capital of Ibiza you can find many pubs and boutiques on every corner. Ibiza city is surrounded by a wall and is visible from miles away. Ibiza is justly named an international city  because almost every nationality is present during the summer.

Take a trip to Formentera. Formentera is an island that lies next to Ibiza and also belongs to the Balearic. Formentera is only reachable by boat but it’s definitely worth the effort. The Flora and fauna in the bays are almost unimpaired.

Take a look into the nightlife. Ibiza is known for being the number one party destination in the world and as you know you can’t stay on board 24/7. Take a look in Ibiza city or the more English orientated San Antione in the evening. Boatsters offers party boat rentals too so you can enjoy the nightlife on the water as well!

Visit the caves with a rental boat. In Ibiza there are a lot of caves that are open to the public and reachable by boat. Take for example Cova des Culleam, A cave covered in petroglyphs that proves the island was inhabited in the prehistory or Cova de Can Marcá which was used by smugglers during the fifty’s.

Rent a boat and sail past the marina's. Annually thousands of celebrities and millionaires come to Ibiza by yacht and are there surely to be seen by us! Check out the most amazing yachts in marina Ibiza for instance. 

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