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Rent a boat in the canals of Amsterdam

Rent a boat and explore the authentic canals of Amsterdam

Discovering Amsterdam by boat is a unique and unforgettable experience. 165 canals and the historical canal houses make boating through this city the ultimate experience while enjoying the buzzing atmosphere of the nearby markets. Don’t know which route to take? Especially for our renters, we have defined some vibrant routes to allow you to explore all that Amsterdam has to offer.

Party boat rental in Amsterdam during Kingsday 
Do you want to enjoy your Kingsday to the fullest? Hire a canal boat and sail partying through the canals of Amsterdam. Rent a boat for a party on a day as Kingsday and don't worry about anything. Boatsters can provide a complete package on the boat with catering, music and a captain inclusive. You can contact our team for free advice. 

The Dam is located, in the heart of Amsterdam, in the middle of the city centre. This square, buzzing of energy, connects the two main shopping streets to each other, Nieuwendijk and Kalverstraat. With both the Royal Palace and Madame Tussauds this square offers culture and entertainment. Another highlight of Amsterdam is the Museum Square where the most interesting museums of the city are located. Two ‘must sees’, which should not be missing on your list, are the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Also the Stedelijk Museum wit hits modern art is more than worth a visit. 

Boating routes in Amsterdam 
You would like to rent a boat in Amsterdam, but don’t know where to set sail? We gathered some boating routes for you in Amsterdam, when renting one of the canal boats for hire.

Red light district route
Amsterdam is famously known around the world for its red light district. This is a unique route to explore by boat through the canals. It is best to start and end at the Kloveniersburgwal, click here fort he interactive boating route.

Following this route will give you a tour through the city’s green area’s. Starting at the Botanic garden of Amsterdam where Artis zoo will follow up soon. From the Entrepotdok you can see the animals from your boat! The route continues to Waterlooplein and the maritime museum.

Western islands route
The western islands of Amsterdam were an extension to the harbor untill the 19th century. With all of its little industries and warehouses. Today, the buildings are transformed into office and appartment buildings, but the authentic style remains. That is why the Western islands of Amsterdam are used as film sets and you can admire it by boat!

What to do in Amsterdam
Hire a boat and enjoy Amsterdam from the water. 
These waterways have been used for trade for hundreds of years. This gives a unique perspective of the city.
Take a walking tour through the historical centre. 
When you walk, you see the funniest details and you can look at things at your own speed.
Visit the original works of masters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. 
Seeing these paintings in real life is even more impressive than on a photo.
Hire a boat and sail along the IJ-river. 
Along this river you will find al lot of nice cafes and restaurants. Furthermore, on the islands you can see the modern face of Amsterdam. 
Emerge yourself in the colourful nightlife. 
From alternative grunge parties to chic house clubs: there’s something for everybody.

Visit Amsterdam on Kingsday! 
When visiting on Kingsday it is a must to rent a party boat and sail accross the canals, witnissing the craziness all around you.

Want to rent out your boat in Amsterdam?
Watch out where you are renting out your boat. It is prohibited to rent out boats without an operating license in the centre of Amsterdam. The operating license border is shown on a map by clicking on this link. Outside of these borders you can rent out your boat without risking a fine. Before renting a boat in Amsterdam ask the boat owner about possible routes through the city. 

Canal boats for hire in Amsterdam 
On a weekly basis the Boatsters team selects three boats. The canal boats are carefully selected based on the experiences of tenants. Don’t wait much longer and click on one of the canal boats for hire.  


About Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Amsterdam has a population of 837,155 within the city proper, 1,333,729 in the urban area and 1,603,531 in the metropolitan area.