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Rent a boat in the canals of Amsterdam

Rent a boat and explore the authentic canals of Amsterdam

Discovering Amsterdam by boat is a unique and unforgettable experience. 165 canals and the historical canal houses make boating through this city the ultimate experience while enjoying the buzzing atmosphere of the nearby markets. Don’t know which route to take? Especially for our renters, we have defined some vibrant routes to allow you to explore all that Amsterdam has to offer.

About Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Amsterdam has a population of 837,155 within the city proper, 1,333,729 in the urban area and 1,603,531 in the metropolitan area.

Rent a boat in Ibiza!

Rent a boat and get lost in the nightlife of Ibiza
The island of Ibiza is originally a Hippie island; where everything is accepted and nothing is impossible. This gives the island a unique and unforgettable vibe which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Ibiza itself has a long and rich history which provides a great number of sightseeing opportunities. The 700-year old cathedral is a jewel, which projects above the city of Ibiza and which you can admire when you sail along the island. The party boat rentals are booming in Ibiza because of the young and restless people on the island. When you rent a boat for a party make sure you hire one of our featured party boats!

    Rent a boat in Sardinia and discover the hot spots

    Featured boats to rent in Sardinia

    Every week many new boats at spectacular locations are added to the Boatsters database. This is especially true for Sardinia, one of the top destinations for sailing holidays. Don’t wait any longer and rent one of the featured boats and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. To stay informed and up to date, you can subscribe yourself here to the Boatsters newsletter. Don’t hesitate to contact the Boatsters team to get more information. Featured boats to rent in Sardinia

      Rent a boat in France

      A country known for its culture, history and extensive wine selection. And we haven’t even mentioned the dazzling and wonderful nature this massive country has to offer. No matter where you are, there is always something to discover and explore. France is located on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and guarantees a once in a lifetime adventure.

        Rent a boat in Spain

        Spain is one of the best places to go sailing in Europe. It’s surrounded by water and has a very comfortable climate. The water is transparent blue, the beaches are golden and the many bays make for an unforgettable boating experience.


          Rent a boat in Italy

          The all-time sailing classic, Italy, has much to offer for the adventurer seeking an unforgettable holiday. This long, boot shaped country stretches far into the Mediterranean sea and provides unforgettable experiences when explored with a naval vessel. Italy is globally known for its rich history and art, its traditional and hospitable people, its great food, its elegance and diverse natural beauty. Italy is the ideal destination for water sport lovers and boating enthusiasts.

            Rent a boat in the United States

            The United States landscape offers high variety within its borders. It has 52 states which include the stunning ice peaks of Alaska to the warm, volcanic beaches of Hawaii. One thing is for sure, wherever you are, water sports are extremely popular and the diverse activities offered provide a wonderful experience. The US has the highest amount of recreational boating participants with the highest amount of boats registered worldwide. No other country offers so many different possibilities to explore the endless coast.

              Rent a boat in Croatia

              Croatia is known for its many islands along the Dalmatian coast and the cleanest beaches located on the Mediterranean Sea. Croatia is home to many ancient cities such as Trogir, Dubrovnik and Split. You will find a lot of these cities have Roman influences and great historic allure which will be sure to provide a truly unforgettable experience.

                Rent a boat in the Caribbean

                The Caribbean consists of the Caribbean sea and the diverse groups of islands which make up its unique and unforgettable ecosystem. Renting a boat here gives you ultimate freedom and the chance to explore everything this beautiful area has to offer.

                  Rent a boat in the Netherlands

                  The Netherlands has a lot of water. Around 20% of the country consists of water and offers a lot of possibilities for water sports. 

                    Rent a boat in Greece

                    Greece is renowned for its rich history. Home to great minds such as Plato and Homer and well known for some of the finest architecture the world has ever seen. But Greece has much more to offer then a rich cultural history: beautiful beaches, a delicious cuisine and a great diversity of islands. Greece never ceases to amaze.


                      Brazil is the biggest country in South America. Home to the largest river of the world, the Amazon, it has many options for boat renters to explore and discover its many wonders. The Brazilian carnival is a great example of the festive mindset and cultural accentuation on living a happy and adventurous life which Brazil has become known for.

                        Rent a boat in Australia

                        Australia has something to offer for everyone. This immense country located in the southern hemisphere and surrounded by the Indian and pacific ocean is rich in breathtaking nature but also has a large variety of cities along its coastline for the boat fanatic to explore.

                          Rent a boat in Portugal

                          Portugal is becoming more popular as a holiday destination. This is partly because there is very much to do and very much to see. The capital Lisbon offers picturesque streets, the palaces and castles of Sintra are fairy-like.


                            Luxury yacht charter Mallorca
                            Renting a luxury yacht in Mallorca will offer you the freedom to explore the entire island at your own pace and in full comfort. We have amazing luxury yachts and boats that are ready to be rented by you! Don't wait any longer and book your luxury yachting experience right now through our online platform directly from a boat owner.

                              Boat rental Miami

                              Boat rental Miami
                              Miami has a lot to offer to tourists visiting the clear blue waters, Cuban infused cuisine. Aside from the lovely beaches a boat rental in Miami is still one of the most popular things to do. Spending a day on the ocean with your rental boat and having a fabulous view is key for a relaxing holiday.  
                              With Boatsters you rent your boat directly from the owner. A lot of boat owners have extra options of renting jet ski’s, fishing gear and much more. Just send a message to the owner and ask what the extra options are with the boat rental in Miami.

                                Rent a boat in Sweden

                                Sweden is the biggest Scandinavian country. The country has a lot of big cities with beautiful highlights but also knows a phenomenal nature. You can watch the Northern light but there are also as many as 15 World Heritage sites. Furthermore, Sweden is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, so you can live like a prince or princess.