Flexible Charter Holidays

2 month summer holiday extension!

Bookings in August, September and even October have taken a rise! A lot of places in the Mediterranean enjoy fantastic weather even in the after summer, with temperatures around 25° Celsius. Reserving now will give you the opportunity to still enjoy your time on a yacht!

The best form of Social distancing

In times like these, a yacht is your own private villa away from the crowds. We will take the greatest care in organizing safe & private transfers to and from the yacht – including arranging private aviation if necessary – to ensure that you and your family travel in absolute safety and privacy. Once on board an experienced and expertly trained crew will ensure that your holiday is memorable.

Just 25% deposit to book

To reserve your yacht charter this summer, we want to make it as easy and comfortable possible. This is why we have chosen to decrease the initial down payment from 50% to 25% which is half of the standard policies! Ask one of our yacht charter brokers for more information.

Full refunds after cancellation

With our renewed cancellation policy we are offering all new clients the opportunity to cancel their charter 1 month prior to the charter, without any fees! To make it even more flexible, we also offer to reschedule the charter within 12 months, so you can still enjoy your time on the yacht during different dates.

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