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1.Why Boatsters? 
Boatsters is an ambitious peer-to-peer online platform that directly connects boat owners with boat renters. Boatsters is the first worldwide peer-to-peer boating platform that is founded from a passion for boats and boating. Because Boatsters has its roots in the boating industry and not in the tech industry, we understand the wishes of the boating enthusiast like no other. Our boat experts are very happy to advise you in your choice at any time. Boatsters also has an exceptional partnership with one of the the world’s leading boat insurance firm Delta Lloyd. This is why we offer both renters and boat owners the possibility to get worldwide insurance during the booking. 
2. I would like to rent out my boat, how does it work? 
Renting out your boat via Boatsters is quick and easy. First register yourself for free and create a short personal profile. To do this some personal details are required, including banking details and information about your boat. Once your boat has been verified by us, it will be visible on the website and interested renters will be able to contact you directly. In this way you can immediately contribute to the sharing economy and simultaneously offset the costs of owning a boat. 
3. I would like to rent a boat, how does it work? 
Renting a boat via Boatsters is quick and easy. First register with Boatsters for free. Find the boat you love and come into direct contact with the owner to rent the boat. 
4. I want to rent a boat, how do I know who is reliable? 
All boat owner profiles on Boatsters have been verified. Thus you know for sure that every boat owner possesses a valid ship passport, dock location and verified bank account. In addition, boat owner profiles will contain reviews of previous renters to give you an impression of the reliability of a certain boat owner. 
5.I want to rent a boat, to what should I pay extra attention? 
Make sure the boat meets your specific requirements. Does the boat have a toilet on board? How many cabins does the boat have? Does the boat have a kitchen, ample storage space, the right size? Also make sure the deposit is clearly communicated by the owner. For this you can directly contact the owner. Do you have any further questions or uncertainties? Contact us at support@boatsters.com for free; we are glad to help you find the boat of your dreams! 
6. I want to rent out my boat, but what do I do if I get it back damaged or broken? 
Boatsters works in close collaboration with one of the world's largest boat insurance companys: Delta Lloyd. This means that, with us, boat owners can arrange full and worldwide coverage of potential rental damage for their boat.  
7. What if the boat I have rented does not meet my expectations upon arrival? 
Please contact us immediately at support@boatsters.com. When an agreement is made between boat owner and renter, the boat owner gives you permission to enter the boat under certain conditions. The boat owner also has the responsibility to deliver the boat in a certain condition. If upon arrival you are not allowed access to the boat, or the boat is delivered in poor and unsafe condition and thus the agreement is not being respected, then you can report this to us within 24 hours. We are extremely committed to meeting your expectations and will do our very best to make sure you will have another boat available to you in the region as soon as possible so that you can resume your water adventure! 
8. How can I get help in choosing a boat? 
Boatsters offers free online consultancy throughout the entire renting process. Our boat experts are more than happy to help you directly at support@boatsters.com. 
9.How can I receive more information about the boat that I like? 
Boatsters is a peer-to-peer platform, which means it allows you have direct contact with the boat owners. So ask boat the owners themselves what you would like to know! Of course we are also happy to help you with any queries at support@boatsters.com.  
11.Is it possible to rent a boat for business purposes at Boatsters? 
It is definitely possible to rent a boat for business purposes. We are happy to assist you in finding the right boat for this purpose. It is also possible to directly contact the boat owner about this.  
13. I would like to get some advice from Boatsters, how much will this cost? 
Not a thing. We are pleased to advise you free of charge anytime! 
14.I would like to write a review, how do I do that? 
After renting a boat you automatically get the opportunity to write a review and place it on the Boatsters website. 
15.I would like to edit my profile, how do I do that? 
It is possible to edit your profile anytime when you are logged into your personal online profile under your settings.