Why Boatsters?

Boatsters is an ambitious peer-to-peer online platform that directly connects boat owners with boat renters. Boatsters is the first worldwide peer-to-peer boating platform that is founded from a passion for boats and boating. Because Boatsters has its roots in the boating industry and not in the tech industry, we understand the wishes of the boating enthusiast like no other. Our boat experts are very happy to advise you in your choice at any time. Boatsters also has an exceptional partnership with one of the the world’s leading boat insurance firm Delta Lloyd. This is why we offer both renters and boat owners the possibility to get worldwide insurance during the booking.

I would like to rent out my boat, how does it work?

Renting out your boat via Boatsters is quick and easy. First register yourself for free and create a short personal profile. To do this some personal details are required, including banking details and information about your boat. Once your boat has been verified by us, it will be visible on the website and interested renters will be able to contact you directly. In this way you can immediately contribute to the sharing economy and simultaneously offset the costs of owning a boat.

I would like to rent a boat, how does it work?

Renting a boat via Boatsters is quick and easy. First register with Boatsters for free. Find the boat you love and come into direct contact with the owner to rent the boat.

Does my charter need to be a week long?

No, but most of the time charters are from Saturday to Saturday. You can also find dayboats, that can be rented on any day of the week. Just search for a boat that can be rented by day. Boats in for instance Amsterdam, can be rented per hour. Sloops are the main boats that are rented and they maintain a hourly fee most of the time.

Do I have to tip the captain/crew, and if so what's the normal amount?

This is pure voluntary, but if you think the service was great and would like to tip the crew, a 10 – 15% tip of the charter fee is conventional. Be sure to give it to the captain so he can spread it amongst the rest of the crew. Just to make sure crewmembers won’t feel underappreciated.

What's a bareboat charter?

A bareboat charter is a boat without a captain/skipper. You can rent this boat without a crew if you would like to sail on your own, if you have the required skills to do so. You can find a selection of all the bareboat charters on our website.

What's a crewed charter?

A crewed charter is a boat that has a captain aboard and occassionally extra crewmembers like a cook and deckhand to accompany the captain. This makes staying on the boat extra comfortable. We have a wide range of crewed charters here at Boatsters.

Do I need certification if I charter bareboat?

It depends on the country you charter a boat in. The best you can do is contact us, so we can figure it out for you. Typically you’ll need the ICC (International Certification of Competence) to charter a power boat. With sailing boats however it’s a bit more complicated. In countries like Spain you definitely need a license, but in France for instance, you can also show your competence in person to show you have the skillsets to control the boat, but it depends on the boat owner. If you do not have a license or the experience, we strongly recommend you charter a crewed yacht.

How do you (the broker) get paid - could I get the boat cheaper if I went directly to the boat owner or operator?

We provide the boat owner with a platform so he has a better chance of renting out their boat. We ask for a commissional fee, this means that the prices stay the same or it’s even lowered on Boatsters. Sometimes our sales team can get a discount offer on a specific boat. Contact our team to see what we can do for you.

What kind of quality control do you do on your boats - how do I know they will be in good condition?

Every boat available for chartering on Boatsters has to adhere to the local maritime laws. These can be very strict and if the boat owner doesn’t comply to these laws, he can get fined by the authorities. We ask boat owners to maintain our high standards and keep their boats clean and well maintained. The check in – check out document gives the renter and owner the oppurtunity to come to terms of any damage caused to the boat. Keep an eye out for the reviews given to the boat owner to make sure you get what you asked for.

What are all the hidden extras - what will I really end up paying?

All the extra’s are shown when reserving a boat. The charges for APA and mooring are usually paid in cash and depend on the boat and the terms you come to agree with the boat owner.

Why are only 12 people allowed on most boats?

The SOLAS convention (Safety Of Life At Sea) determined by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) states that a boat carrying more than 12 guests (excluding crewmembers) is a passenger ship. This regulation is made to ensure the safety of the passengers on a private charter.

What is the "APA"?

APA stands for ‘Advanced Provisional Allowance’ and is paid in cash most of the time. This includes the cost of fuel, food for the crewmembers etc. The captain is obligated to give you insights of the total costs of the APA after the charter. Typically the APA is about 20-25% of the total charter fee.

Once I book a charter, how do I pay?

We provide multiple payment options including payment with creditcard and Ideal. Powered by Acapture.

How can I trust that the boat will be there when I arrive and my payments will get to the owner?

To ensure that IF the boat isn’t there when you paid for it, the money is stored on a third-party fund, so we can guarantee you will be paid back. The money will be sent to the boat owner as soon as the check in – check out documents are accounted for.