Boatsters was founded in 2015 by Nick Gelevert. It wasn’t a big surprise that he started with a boating business, his grandfather did the same 40 years ago when he founded Lengers Yachts; currently exclusive dealer of Sanlorenzo, Prestige & SACS yachts.

From the moment Nick could walk, he had the privilege of attending all the boat shows in the beautiful harbours of Mallorca, Cannes & Monaco, gradually getting to understand the nautical industry.

While walking through the harbours year after year, he noticed something interesting. All boats were lying still, even during high season with beautiful sunny days. In 2015 he came up with the solution, an online platform where boat owners can rent out their boats directly to renters, offering a full-service platform to make boating more accessible, affordable and enjoyable for everyone.

Two years later it’s a lot more than just a platform connecting boat owners to renters, the platform became a mature industry solution for boat and yacht owners, local boat rental companies and global charter fleets. Not just in Europe, the company is currently active in 63 countries divided over all continents in the world. There are 10.000+ live bookable boats, directly with a boat or yacht owner or through one of the global charter partners.

The team exists of young entrepreneurial professionals with an out of the box mindset, in total 17 men and women are working hard to become the leading player in the boating industry differentiating themselves by innovating on marketing, technical and strategy level.

Boatsters has a unique vision about the future; besides their goal to become a global player, they’re creating the life of a ‘Boatster’. Living the life of a Boatster, is living the life you really want, enjoying your day, every day.

It’s about creating your dream job; working hard in combination with fun while traveling to the most beautiful destinations in the world. That’s the dream of the company, and they have a dedicated mission to make the dream come true.

About our team

Nick Gelevert – CEO
Raoul Milhado – Managing partner
David Ramljak – Head of Operations
Brian Hewitt – Head of Platform
Max Kremer - Business Development Manager
Pam Evers - Support Manager
Pien Hommes - Marketing Specialist
Keyur Limbachiya - Tech Lead
Erik van Dam – Tech Engineer
Bipin Jain - Tech Engineer
Ramon Witjes – Support Manager
Roan van Laar – Business Development Manager